How we work

We work from origin to product, meaning we grow and harvest or collect the raw plant materials, both in the Netherlands and in Italy. Most of the plant materials used originate in Italy, at the permaculture farm Trifoglio in the Apennines where Tedje and Herman live and work. This is where we harvest homegrown crops, wild and semi-wild plants. The herbs that compose the teas are dried naturally and slowly in wooden dryers. 

We distill mainly  fresh herbs in our Fragrance Houses in Beek (NL) and Varsi (IT). Here we produce herbal fragrances in artisanal copper distillers with mountain water. After distilling we use the herbs, essential oils and hydrosols to prepare fresh, handmade cosmetics and seasonings in our tiny laboratory in Beek.

We do not use any chemical or toxic additives before, during or after cultivation and processing of our plants and products! We are working towards certified organic produce.

We process all our essential oils in perfume, shampoo, hair water and other natural products. We do not sell essential oils separately except for lavender.