Herbal tea

Herbal tea flavours; these are some of our most popular blends:

(with Melissa, Passiflora, Scutellaria, Aloysia, Ballota …)
“Relaxing after a long and (too) busy day”

(with Primula, Malva, Sambucus, Viola, Plantago …)
“A beauty, lots of flowers and very soothing for irritated mucous membranes”

(with Solidago, Betula, Urtica, Parietaria, Ononis …)
“Feeling good after starting the day with a detox”

(a special healthy mix of wild herbs from the Monte Dosso mountain in the Apennines, including a.o. white mulberry, lemon balm, yarrow, spear mint and meadow clary)
“All your blends are very tasteful and this one feels amazing healthy too”

(with Salix, Lactuca, Urtica, Galium, Fraxinus …)
“Helping me to stay active to improve my mobility”

(with Menta, Achillea, Matricaria, Taraxacum, Iberis …)
“Finally a digestive that tastes good”

All herbs are hand picked from pure spots and dried slowly, naturally in wooden dryers. They are cut just before packaging and selling.
Each of our products is unique: they differ from year tot year and from season to season. We only produce very limited amounts as we do not want nature to suffer for our wellness needs.

Price: Dried (mixed) herbs are sold for € 3,50/ 33 gram or € 10,- / 100 gram (VAT included). Single herbs available on request. We grow circa 500 species and we harvest and dry about 100 species a year of which we make circa 25 blends, many on request.