Lavender destillaton products

Lavandula angustifolia

We have limited amounts of the variety Blue Dwarf, this has less campher, a softer smell. Prices below are for normal lavender (VAT incl), Blue Dwarf +25%.

  • Massage oil
    – 10 ml in glass, transparant roller, 20% pure lavender essential oil in almond/soy oil. Use it for powerful small-spot massages in aroma therapy or as a natural (long lasting) perfume .  € 9,00
    – 60 ml plastic transparant vial with dosing cap.  10% pure lavender essential oil in soy/almond oil. € 9,50
  • Perfume in a vaporizer
    10 ml glass bottle with vaporizer in plastic protective cover.
    20% pure lavender essential oil in foodgrade alcohol with a small drop  of thistle oil.
    Use it as a perfume on clothes, in wardrobe closets, on cushions or sheets, to refresh flower bouquets or vaporising stones, on apple pie, etc. Can also be used on skin.  € 9,00
  • Hydrolate (lavender water)
    100 ml in a blue glass bottle with a spray tap. Strength of the hydrolate is at least 1:1 g/g = 10:1 v/v. As a preservative  10% agricultural produced alcohol (food grade) is added.
    Uses: for refreshing the air indoors; for cleaning of the skin: spray a little bit on a cotton for a calming skin cleaning (test the strength first as it may need dilution with water before using it on your face) .  Spray it on your skin after insect bytes or stings. You can use it on your hair, in your bath water, in the kitchen.
    Price: € 8,00
  • Etherical (essential) oil
    10 ml pure lavender oil in blue bottle with a  pipette. Never use without primary dilution in fatty oil or alcohol. Handle with care, it is combustible and can be skin-irritating.
    € 18,00
  • creme in tube, ointment in jar (on request)